Friday, 10 October 2014

What to Pack: Go Bag Edition

For some of us, preparing for baby starts as soon as we see the two blue lines on the stick. Making space for baby, buying all the necessities, decorating a nursery, picking out a name...there's a lot to do and we're excited (and sometimes overwhelmed) to do it. When it comes to preparation, one thing you definitely do not want to forget is to pack a hospital go bag with plenty of time before you go into labour. Running around the house grabbing things while counting the time between contractions and starting the car is a nightmare that can be avoided if you do have that bag waiting by the door early.

Your due date is set at 40 weeks from conception, but your baby is considered full term at 36 weeks, so aim to have your go bag packed and situated right by the front door by 35 weeks—even if you don’t plan to have a hospital birth. You can never be sure what’s going to happen, so give yourself peace of mind by preparing for the possibility early. One very important thing to slip into an accessible outside pocket of your go bag is your maternity notes. If you’ve taken the time to make a birth plan, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve written it out and packed it. Even if you’ve discussed it in advance with your partner or other support person (which you should do) the hustle and bustle of delivery day can leave everyone a little bit frazzled.
With that being said, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure are in your go bag, and others that are nice to have if the hospital allows them. Here are some suggestions of what to pack for that all important trip to the hospital!

For you:
Toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner, brush, toothbrush, deodorant, etc)
Hair elastic

Lip balm

Slippers and/or socks

Night gown or baggy pajama pants (It'll be nice to wear your own, comfortable pjs)

Camera with memory stick

Cell phone charger (Plus, a list of phone numbers of those you want to call)

Clothes to go home in

Nursing bra and breast pads (If you plan on breast feeding)

Cheap, comfortable underwear

Magazine (For light, easy reading)

Sanitary pads

Change of clothes and some toiletries for your partner

                    You may also want:
                     A towel
                     A pillow and/or a nursing pillow
                     Change for the hospital vending machines
                     Small snacks
                     Sugar free candies to suck on
                     A water spray

For baby:
Blanket. (The hospital will be temperature controlled, but it’s always nice to wrap baby in a blanket for extra warmth, especially when leaving the hospital in cooler weather. )

A few onesies.

Coming home outfit. (Choose a special outfit for the baby to make his or her grand arrival in, but don’t go too crazy. No need for sequins or 3 piece suits. Pick out a nice onesie in a cute pattern and maybe a homemade knit sweater. Something easy to wear that is meaningful.)

Car seat. (If you want to bring your baby home in a car, you’ll need to have a car seat with you. Safety first!)
Jacket or snow suit (If it’s late fall or winter.)

Newborn sized diapers and sensitive wipes.
2 or 3 burp cloths and receiving blankets.

A hat and booties.

Tip: If you have pets at home, have your partner bring a receiving blanket that has been wrapped around the baby for the pets to smell before you bring your little one home. It will prepare them for the new family member.

What must haves do you recommend for the go bag? Share with us in the comments or on Facebook! []

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