Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Drink More Water - What and When?

New Year's Resolution: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration.

They say that the key to a healthy diet, glowing skin, and so much more is in those 8 glasses a day. Aside from the additional, ahem, ladies room visits, who has the time to physically drink 64 oz of H2O before bed? Well, we all do, we just don't make it a priority. And is it any wonder? It's not exactly the most exciting beverage in the world. It's heavy to carry a full bottle, in addition to everything you lug around. There are plenty of reasons you can come up with, if you're looking for them. But there are also ways to squeeze it in. 

It's something of a personal challenge of mine to down the requisite amount, and I rarely ever succeed. I've done everything from buying a fancy travel bottle, to squirtable flavouring and still it seems I'm always behind schedule, and not keen on drinking 4 cups after dinner. For your benefit and mine, I've hunted down some unique ways to get your hydration on without the dread. Here are some common complaints about the process and our solutions. No more excuses, drink up!

What: How do I remember to drink more? How do I fit it in to my schedule?

When: Start your day off right, and pair your water with your routine.

Every day is a new start for this resolution, and you have the power to make it easier on yourself the earlier you get started. If you think 8 cups is completely overwhelming at 7 am, imagine how much harder it will be to catch up at 3! Drink a full glass before breakfast to quench that overnight dry mouth. Then what do I mean by pair? Well, you already have intervals to your day, even if you're a stay at home mom, or a shift working dad. You have baby feedings, for example. It's highly recommended that you drink water while breastfeeding anyways, and bottle feeding mamas like myself get thirsty, too! Drink when your baby drinks... Hey, it's way more obtainable advice than "sleep when the baby sleeps!"

What: I don't know how to track exactly what I'm consuming. What a hassle... 

When: Plan to track all day, and make it visual.

Some women swear by drinking from a straw rather than a glass. Others advise to sip every time you pass the water cooler or fridge. However you grab it, give yourself a little gold star, and use it as momentum to keep up the good work! From apps for your smart phone, to pre-marked water bottles, to little check marks on your page-a-day calendar, there are so many innovative ways to keep water in your eye line, and therefore mind, all day long. Believe it or not, the more you drink, the more you will actually sense your need for water. When I'm on track, I often feel the need to drink more presently. If you're not in the habit of water at all, start with a week of 5 a day, then gradually add a cup until you're closer to, or at the ultimate goal.

What: I can't drink ice cold water. Water is so bland, I'd rather drink X.

When: Take the chill off before bed with a warm water drink instead

At 35 weeks pregnant, I got a terrible cold. It was awful, and I didn't want to take anything that could potentially harm the baby. Several times a day, I made myself a hot water drink with honey and lemon. We're deep in sniffle season now, so if you're feeling under the weather, I highly recommend saving money on expensive products like Neocitron with this gem. It's not just for the ill though, this is a great way to replace coffee in a pinch, or to have something warm before bed that's not full of caffeine and calories. Cater it exactly to your taste; swap lemon for lime, use agave syrup instead of honey, or add a splash of orange. You can change it up frequently so you don't get bored.

Of all the expensive gadgets, and high commitment routines you put yourself through this year, water is going to seem like nothing. And yet, you might notice the biggest change. Few cravings, smaller portions, and that healthy complexion. What's water done for you lately? 

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