Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Trend Watch: Baby Bullet and Homemade Baby Food

When it comes to eating healthy, the very best way to start is to know what you're eating. Seems easy enough, but with all the additives, preservatives, chemicals, not to mention the mess that is nutrition labels... why it's just easier to do it yourself! That said, we all have days where we order in pizza or make some other ill advised choice for our bodies. We would never want to do that to our children. Well, I'm here to tell you, that you will. They will go to birthday parties, they will spend a weekend at grandma's, they will trade snacks at school. They will survive.

While they're still infants and largely under your control, at least when it comes to nutrition, you might decide to do it all from scratch. An impressive undertaking. When you think about it, what could be more natural? It's simple, cost effective, and you always know exactly what is in them. It does require commitment, however. You need to be prepared with enough time and groceries. You have to be able to store and readily portion for an ever changing appetite. You also need to know what foods are appropriate in terms of nutrient variety, potential choking hazards, and current allergen recommendations! Makes those brightly coloured squish packs just a little more tempting, doesn't it?

On one hand, mothers have been making their own baby food since the beginning of time. On the other, cave women didn't have to think about epi pens and online banking. If there was only a way to make it easier...

Bam! Along comes the cutest darn food processor you've ever seen, along with all the bits and bobs you need to feed junior the ultimate homemade feast easily. Freezable storage containers, recipe book, tiny coordinated spatula?!?! Adorable, and amazing, or so they claim. The official Baby Bullet website features mom's making bold statements like "She finally sleeps through the night!" and "You'll feel like an amazing mom!" I don't know what science backs up these claims, but I doubt they would hold up in court. Don't get me wrong, I think there are pros and cons to homemade baby food, so let's look at them more in detail.

  • This product is meant to take some of the "where do I start?" out of the process. If you're unsure about what is appropriate for the baby's age, how thin to mill, how to effectively store, and the like, this kit contains a lot of helpful hints and tricks that may give moms the confidence to give it a go. I support that immensely. A little practice (trial and lots of error) and you won't need recipes. 
  • Rather than buying piecemeal all the elements you need to get started, they do come all in one box, which eliminates some of the procrastination, at least at first. Once you try it, you might realize it's not as hard as you assumed.
  • With multiple blades and the recipe book handy, you might be more inclined to try something new, or be more likely to mix an alternative if you don't have your go-to grocery on hand. Nothing ruins that small window of time faster than feeling overwhelmed and under prepared.
  • This is yet another gadget to add to our already overburdened kitchen counters. You more than likely already have a food processor, hand mixer, or blender that will serve this purpose. Heck, a potato masher would do the job for most foods.
  • The after-prep is the same. The storage of baby food is easy, and doesn't require anything that you don't have at home. You can use freezer grade bags, which are great for labeling content and date. You can also use ice cube trays, which are great for popping out servings that defrost in seconds.
  • We live in the digital age - you can find recipes on Pinterest, watch how-tos on Youtube, swap combos with mommy friends on Facebook. The likelihood of these is also slightly higher than keeping a book on your counter.
The moral of this story? If you get it for a gift, awesome. Enjoy it. If not, don't think that a happy green food mill is the secret to your success or failure. This is another one of those "if it ain't broke" situations. It's not fancy, but it's from the heart, and that's the best part. 

Oh, and as for those squish packs? I buy them! They're strictly regulated, usually organic, and definitely satisfy. Heck, with combos like vanilla berry risotto and leafy greens with brown rice, I'm tempted to eat them! Don't feel bad!

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