Friday, 8 May 2015

5 Mother's Day Ideas for Kids Under 5


If you've got little ones at home and you're looking for some ideas for showing mom how much she means this Mother's Day - look no further. We've put together a list of five fun ways to celebrate mom this year with children under five years old. Whether you want to be sentimental or silly, take the time to let mom know that she's appreciated today (and every day!).

Footprint Heart

You hear it often: children grow so fast. But, it's never so true as when you watch your own little babies go up to the next clothing size, or reach that next milestone. I know I'm always celebrating something new at the same time as mourning the loss of an adorable reaction or outfit I loved. Preserve a little bit of your child's current size with a footprint heart. It's easy to do for every age from 0-5 and can even become a tradition if you make a new one each year. Add a cute play on words or a poem** and mom will cherish it forever. If your child can write letters, have him or her write the "Mom" and/or "I love you."

Breakfast in Bed
It's a classic for a reason. You absolutely can't go wrong with breakfast in bed for mother's day. Obviously, an adult has to take the reigns on this one, but there are many ways to include a child in preparing this special meal. Your toddler or preschooler will take great pride in being able to say they helped make the meal, not just stood beside mama as it was delivered. They can put the toast on the plate, fold the napkin, sprinkle the berries on top of waffles or pancakes, spoon out the sour cream for huevos rancheros - get creative and find a way for everyone to take part.

Sit down with your toddler or preschooler and brainstorm ways that they could make mommy smile. Write down the actions on slips of paper and give it to mom as a coupon book. Keep them age appropriate - a 2 year old won't make good on a promise to go to sleep without a fuss or to eat all their vegetables for a week. Stick to things like "one big bear hug" or "sing a funny song" or "share my peanut butter sandwich." Have the child decorate the coupons with crayons and watch them proudly present it to mama.

Treasure Hunt
For the mommy that likes a little adventure in her life, why not create a treasure hunt? Go through the house and let your toddler or preschooler pick out three special hiding spots for gifts for mom. These can be home made gifts (drawings, pasta jewellery, etc) or purchased presents - whatever things you've created and picked out. You can draw a little map of the house and let the child draw a big, red X in the rooms that have the present or make it into a scavenger hunt with hints at all the stops. Don't be surprised if your child wants to take mom directly to all the hiding spots, it'll be fun either way!

Spa Day
Sometimes, what mom really wants and needs most is a nice break. So, before giving her the day off to relax, read, sleep, or catch up on reality TV, why not give her a mini spa morning. A preschooler or toddler could give a relaxing hand massage, sing soft songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle," and drop the bath bombs into the water of a warm bath. Why not mix up a nice homemade oatmeal mask (like this one) why'll you're at it? Children will love pouring in and mixing the ingredients, and then slopping the good-for-you mixture onto mommy's face!

**Examples of messages:

"I love you from your head down to your toes."

"There's no tiptoeing around it, I love you."

"With these feet I'll walk and run,
explore the world and have some fun.
Wherever I go, whatever I do,
these feet will bring me home to you."

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