Thursday, 22 October 2015

Trend Watch - Diaper Party

While couples are often heard saying “we’re pregnant,” the bulk of the attention often goes to mom. She does the heavy work after all, so it seems fitting! As with most major events that happen in a female lifespan, this is often accompanied by a shower – the sisters, mothers, aunts, girlfriends, etc gather to bring a little something to help the baby off. This traditional little party with treats and silly games isn’t everyone’s style, however. Maybe you’re more of a beer and BBQ family, or maybe you just want the guys to have a chance celebrate too! Well then - a diaper party might be more your speed!

Whether you do a guys-only night, a family party in the backyard, or a luncheon at a restaurant, diaper parties are generally slightly more casual than a baby shower. Rather than ladies in nice outfits and finger sandwiches, this new tradition is either a mix of guys and gals, or just for the men. Without the pressure of a registry, the group can bring as little as a pack of diapers, and maybe a potluck item to share. You might even use it as a party for a second child, who doesn’t generally get a shower, but will certainly need diapers to get started.

If you’re considering hosting a diaper party for a friend, or organizing your own (instead of, or in conjunction with, a baby shower), here are 3 great ideas for throwing a fun, and diaper-filled event!

Gender Swap!

Also a great idea for gender reveal party (if you’re in to that kind of thing), a gender swap is great for any number of groups! Crazy aunts and uncles? Animated group of school friends? This could be fun night! Have small prizes for best couple, best female mustache, and most time spent upright in heels!

Diapers-for-Chips Poker Night!

Perfect for a guys-only, or maybe a drinking crowd, a diapers-for-chips is a fun way to spend a night. 1 box of diapers could equal $20 in chips, and stock the room with guacamole, pretzels and other cool snacks. The gambling is just for fun (showers always have games, don’t they?) and you get to have real conversations with the people celebrating your good news.

Baby, Baby Karaoke Party!

Great for a younger group, pull out Rock Band or a YouTube mix of “baby” themed music (read: almost any song ever written) and belt it out! Do your best boy band impression, and make it a fun little contest! Make a fun glittery mic, or have some hair brushes on hand to make it “authentic.”

Regardless of your setting, make sure you get a wide range of sizes! If people ask, give everyone a different number, or make fun invitations with a numbered sticker you can add. It might seem silly to have a stock of toddler sized diapers on hand before your baby is even born, but they sure are handy. You never know when they’re going to sprout, and one thing is for sure – they can only get bigger! If you’d rather use cloth than disposables, hey, you can have a party for that! Cute covers, liners, and other bum changing supplies are always appreciated!

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