Monday, 11 August 2014

What's In Your Diaper Bag? Katie and Charlie

This week, we get a peek into first time mommy Katie's diaper bag. 

When Katie was pregnant, it was immediately evident that she would be a wonderful mother. Not only did she look totally comfortable caring for her belly (rocking back and forth and reassuring her growing baby with a natural ease) but she also spoke so articulately about her plans for welcoming this new one into the world. The preparation and excitement evident in her pregnancy has effortlessly translated into the first few months of motherhood. Below, Katie shows us what she carries in her diaper bag; which, as she points out, is not a diaper bag at all but a backpack instead. For her purposes, she's found that a backpack allows her to more easily transition from snuggie to stroller and back. Getting out quickly, and struggling as little as possible while on the go, is a valiant goal!

What's In Your Diaper Bag?  

Name: Katie Hickey

Baby's Name (and age): Charlie (8 weeks)

Most Important Thing in Your Diaper Bag: Diapers! Sounds stupid, I know, but my son needs a butt change at least eight times a day. And sometimes he's wrecked the new diaper before it's even on! So, having a lot on me at all times is a must!

Basic Save: Receiving blankets. No matter where you get them from or how much they cost they all do the same job. :)

Essential Splurge: Breast feeding cover! Yes, to get a nice cover you have to spend a little but being a BFing Mom I've learned that not everyone is comfortable with it. So having a good cover that will actually cover everything and not smother your wee one is great. Also, having a cover that won't let anything spill out while your little one is kicking their feet is nice, too.

Best Preparedness Advice: Always make sure you have a few outfits. Babies make all kinds of messes. Drool, spit up, throw up, pee, or poo is bound to make its way onto an outfit at some point during a day. So make sure the poor little one doesn't have to sit in it all day.

Bag Contents (L to R): Bench backpack, extra onesie, a whole lot of diapers, snack, [unknown], Boogie Wipes, blanket, emergency kit (with nail trimmers and medicine doser, etc), nursing cover, wipes, soother, and wallet.

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