Monday, 18 August 2014

What's In Your Diaper Bag? Scotland Edition: Claire and Aaron

Babies come in all shapes, sizes and - well - nationalities!  Out of curiosity, we contacted our cousin and fellow proud mum over the pond.  Having tried for a long time to have a baby, a prouder mother would be difficult to find. Her little one is over a year now, and being back to work with a handful like hers is bound to come with a great diaper bag! The slang is little different, but the needs are the same, so we asked Claire...

What’s in YOUR Diaper Bag?

Name: Claire Hutton

Baby’s Name (and Age): Aaron (14 & a half months)

Basic Save: Don't always go for the big brands on nappies (diapers)/wipes like pampers. I found them terrible as the cheaper ones of own make/supermarkets brands are just as good [and] saves a lot of money. Buy in bulk too as it saves money in long run but watch sizes as they can grow out them very quickly. Me [and] my cousins have been swapping things such as clothes old toys that are still about like jumperoos, bath seats.

Essential Splurge: Derek [my spouse] laughs on my big splurges like prams (strollers). I've had so many, on my 4th pram, but I'm not the only mum to do that and won't be the last. I'm tempted to buy another one I've seen I really like. Plan in advance take what you need: "if in doubt don't leave out" that's what I say. Nothing prepares you for having a baby not even if you're super organised every day, hour is a learning curve.

Best Preparedness Advice: Most important thing in Aaron's bag is nappies, food, comforter, and milk, toys I can't decide what's important as they are all needed.


Bag Contents (L to R) : Mickey backpack, plastic blocks, a board book, plenty of diapers, a change of outfit, diaper rash cream, and a large bib.

Having had over a year of experience, we wanted more of her valuable wisdom! With my son only just starting to crawl, it's a little hard to picture the new excitement (and, let's face it, anxiety) of the next phases! Walking, climbing, temper tantrums... so what does Claire advise?

"[Every] day is different but enjoyable, rewarding, unconditional love.  Took me so long to have him I couldn't imagine him not in my life. You wonder what you did with your time before they came along. Plus you find out who true friends are the ones that disappear and the ones that stay, and accept help from family when they offer."

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