Monday, 1 December 2014

What's In Your Diaper Bag? Amber and Eloise

When we started this blog, I was 25 weeks pregnant and looking for any and all information I could find to prepare for my baby's arrival. Now, I have a 2 week old baby girl and can finally share what I've got in my diaper bag! The experiment proven useful because many of my packing decisions were based on the advice from our contributing mamas. Since Eloise is still so young, the contents of my diaper bag will change drastically as I get the hang of it, but I thought it would be fun to do an early questionnaire for posterity. I'm still figuring things out, but I'm loving every minute of motherhood. (Well, the majority of minutes - I could go for more sleep!)

What's In Your Diaper Bag? 

Name: Amber

Baby's Name (and age): Eloise (17 days)

Most Important Thing in Your Diaper Bag: 
Ready-to-Feed Bottles. Obviously diapers have proven indispensable (I can never pack enough) but the next most important thing I keep in my diaper bag is a formula nursette. Eloise is mostly breastfed, but we are supplementing with formula and I've been saved by the bottle a few times already when breastfeeding hasn't been an option and she can't be settled without food.

Basic Save:

The diaper bag itself. I was shocked at the high price tag on most diaper bags. I was almost swayed by some of the extra bells and whistles on offer, and the patterns and styles were beautiful, but at the end of the day, I was more interested in what went into the bag than the bag itself and I couldn't justify paying over $150 for one. My diaper bag cost $30 at Walmart and it is easy to wipe down, lightweight, and (in my opinion) looks nice.

Essential Splurge:
Modesty cover for breastfeeding. At home I can let it all hang out to feed my baby, and when I'm out running errands I rely on formula (if hunger strikes, we try to work around feedings), but when I'm visiting friends or family, or hosting guests at home, having a modesty cover that doesn't cling to Eloise's face, keeps me fully covered, and allows me to see her face, is crucial. I don't want to excuse myself to another room or make my baby wait to eat, so a good, structured modesty cover is 100% necessary. I couldn't settle for throwing a receiving blanket or towel over my shoulder, in this case.

Best Preparedness Advice:
When in doubt; pack two (or more). In only two weeks - and a handful of trips into the outside world - we've already: lost a pacifier, dropped a receiving blanket into a mud puddle, and ran out of diapers. You never know what's going to fall out of the stroller when you're racing to get to an appointment, or when the bus will leave you waiting for over 45 minutes with a poopy baby. Now, I always make sure to grab two of the easily lost or soiled items so that I'm never in a lurch and pack twice as many diapers as I foresee using, just in case.

Contents (L to R): 2 changes of outfit, book, vitamin d, wipes, diaper genie travel bags, 2 receiving blankets, diapers, no scratch mitts, 2 pacifiers, modesty cover, pyjamas, 2 Enfamil nursettes, bottle.

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