Monday, 20 July 2015

What's In Your Diaper Bag? Monaliza and Julianna

"Parenthood is a life fulfilling journey that teaches parents about selfless acts of loving, caring & giving. It's an amazing process of becoming a better person as you nurture a child from birth and every milestone."

Before my own son was a glimmer in my eye, I had the joy of watching my dear former co-worker experience her pregnancy. You rarely see a woman glow and enjoy every moment the way this lovely lady did. From cravings to swollen ankles, nothing seemed to faze her, and she stroked her baby bump in joyful anticipation, rolling with the punches, and the baby brain! Now a mother of two, the pride is doubled in her beautiful family. I couldn't wait to ask her...
What's In Your Diaper Bag?

Name: Monaliza

Baby's Name (and age): Dylan (4) & Julianna (6 months)

The Most Important Thing: Extra clothes

Basic Save: Home made baby food 

For the mom on the go who wants the cost savings of home made, along with the convenience of the now popular baby pouch, consider a product like these. So cute, compact, and reusable! Make any number of delicious combinations, catered to your babies taste and health needs, and pack them with you like a pro!

Essential Splurge: Diaper cream

Best Preparedness Advice: Compartmentalize using plastic bags or small bags, and always bring extra empty plastic bag for soiled clothes or soiled diaper. Put the diaper, wipes & diaper cream in one smaller bag so it's easy grab in case space is limited or for a quick change.

Final Words of Wisdom: Pack your diaper bag or double check your packed diaper bag, a day before your appointment. If you have more than one vehicle, it's handy to have two diaper bags always ready and good to go.  

"Enjoy each moment of motherhood because time flies very fast. Motherhood is not an easy task but follow your heart when it comes to your child and it will not lead you astray."

Content: my wallet, Bebe au lait nursing cover, Pouch with wipes, diaper pad, 2 diapers, folded small Ziploc, disposable nursing pads, Weleda baby diaper rash cream, 1 pajama, 1 onesie,* empty folded small ziploc for emergency soiled diaper and/or outfit

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