Monday, 27 April 2015

What's In Your Diaper Bag? - The Best of WIYDB?

When we started this blog 9 months ago, I don't think either of us imagined we'd still be going strong this long. We've put a lot of thought and hard work into keeping this blog interesting, fun, and well researched because - besides having a good time - our number one goal was to be a resource to new moms. There may only be the two of us running the show over here at WIYDB? but we would have never come this far or have been as successful as we have without the thoughtful advice of our diaper bag contributors. They are the life blood WIYDB; our inspiration for starting this blog and our reason for coming back every week with new content. It is amazing to be able to share thoughts, ideas, advice, successes, and challneges with this community. So, in this spirit, this week we're looking back on some of the most interesting, unique, and helpful pieces of advice we've gotten in over 28 diaper bag features. These are the little gems of advice that really bear repeating because they're bound to save you time, energy, money, or embarrassment.

For Baby:

"Check before you leave. An ounce of prevention is worth not having a pound of poop in the only onesie you brought with you!" - Seana & Elliott

"Wipes. Buy bulk, buy on sale, buy the cheapest brand! They're for poop: don't need anything fancy!" - Doriana & Benjamin

Essential Splurge? "Battery Pack - if my phone dies while I'm out I can recharge it in minutes." - Eve & Isaac

Basic Save? "Formula dispenser. Great because you can measure out formula into sections and then can dispense one bottle at a time. Have enough for 3 bottles without bringing formula tin." - Nicole & Hayley

Basic Save? "Coconut Oil in a small baby food jar as bum cream." - Lauren & Austin

Bum cream is just a start! This natural and usually organic oil is a fantastic moisturiser for a number of uses. Are you interested in some of the ways coconut oil might work for you and your little one? Check out the ideas on this great list.

"...if you have a dirty outfit or sleeper (even from just wearing it) fold it inside out. That way you can easily identify which clothes are still clean and what needs to be washed, cause if you're like me, by the time you get home you won't remember." - Aline, Zoey, & Elysse

"I used to buy Diaper Genie bags for soiled diapers. I have found it was an unnecessary expense. I now just bring produce grocery bags with me and they work just as well." - Eva & Gilad

"Consider packing an extra shirt for mom and dad too in case you get spit up on. I usually remember most of the essentials for Henry but sometimes wish I had thought to pack something for myself." - Jennifer & Henry

"...I save the pennies on the extra clothes I put in my bag. I don’t always change out those clothes and they are backup clothes, so you don’t want to use your favourite outfit and forget it’s in there and not wear it often." - Michelle, Rowan, & Bryer

"I was using Diaper Genie bags for soiled diapers and then I found out there are biodegradable bags for diapers at Dollarama. They have a light baby powder smell and are great if you are at someone else's house. If they are out of the baby ones, the doggy bags are exactly the same." - Stephanie & Aniela

For Mama:

"...if your baby just can't seem to stop fussing or crying and you're at your wits end, give that baby a hug. The hug is more for you than anything. You'll feel better after." -Brooke & Sebastian

"...just follow your instincts and do the things you know you have to do to keep your baby safe and don’t waste your time worrying about all the things you can’t control." - Katie & Desmond

"Make sure to enjoy every little moment no matter how messy or smelly, you may never get to experience it again." - Emalie & Presley

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