Monday, 13 April 2015

What's In Your Diaper Bag? Celebrity Edition - Fictional Book Babies

We had so much fun a few months back imagining the contents of our favourite TV characters' diaper bags that we decided to keep our imaginations going with our favourite book characters this week. If these fictional babies had diaper bags - and really why wouldn't they? - (other than the fact that many of them aren't human) what would be the can't-leave home-without items? Since no one else is considering or writing about this issue, I guess we're the definitive guide. So! Hey favourite characters from our childhoods and beyond, what's in your diaper bag?

Baby's Name: Very Hungry Caterpillar

Most Important Thing in Your Diaper Bag? SNACKS! A growing baby caterpillar needs to eat a variety of nutritional snacks throughout the day to stay healthy and active, and this baby is hungrier than most. Keeping some berries and leafy greens in a Ziplock bag to pull out on a moments notice is crucial for a drama free day.
Baby's Name: (Unknown)

Basic Save: We try to save on anything we can. You never know what's going to end up broken or flushed down the toilet when you have an active little boy. If you're going to have to replace it more than once, why spend more than you have to? The dollar store is surprisingly good for the basics and it completely takes away the guilt of abandoning a mud covered bib in the park trash can. When we stop focusing on the stuff, we can focus on our unwavering love for our babies!
Baby's Name: Runaway Bunny

Essential Splurge: Definitely our safety harness. I was on the fence because of the controversy surrounding baby "leashes" but when you have an active toddler with a sense of adventure like mine, you need to take precautions. I may be willing to follow my baby to the top of a mountain to bring him back home safe, but sometimes a mama just needs to get to the bank before it closes.
Baby's Name: Kate Read

Best Preparedness Advice: Always carry a book or two in your diaper bag. You'd be surprised how often it'll come in handy. A longer than normal bus ride, an unforeseen wait at the grocery store, or even just a spur of the moment stop at the park on a beautiful day: it's always a good time to pull out a book and share a story together!

Baby's Name: Little Critter

Final Words of Wisdom: Children love adventure and new experiences, so swap out the contents of your diaper bag to suit that day's storyline. You'll need different things for a day with Grandpa then you will for a day at the beach with the whole family. While the basics stay the same, it's smart to pack the diaper bag with each excursion in mind.

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