Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What to Pack: A Baby Kit for Grandma's House

Before kids, an early summer's day had so much freedom. No need for a jacket, throw on some flips flops and the world is yours. Fast forward to today, and even the nicest weather calls for lots of organizing and packing. I have to think about my diaper bag, I usually have a bottle cooler bag, if I'm going grocery shopping I have a bag of bags... Even with the best possible planning, life happens and you forget something. For me, that usually happens at my mom's. We maybe planned to pop in to say hi, which turns in to several hours, and possibly dinner. I decided a long time ago that my mom needed her own diaper bag of sorts. A back up bag of commonly forgotten or used up items for longer visits. Here's a few things to consider if you are building your own "Nana Kit."

Let's start with the obvious - diapers and wipes. I mean, for a child under two that's just a given. Those are really hard to do without, and are super easy to store in a little bag or bin. Start with a 20-pack of wipes and 5 diapers to see how often you're forgetting. No granny has storage for a Costco pack of Huggies just because you're forgetful! Along the same line, a mini bum cream isn't a bad idea. If your little one is prone to a surprise accident, you might want to keep a travel body wash. Both my son and my niece have needed impromptu sink baths, so it's nice to have handy.

If you have a habit of after dinner cards, or chats over tea that extend past bedtime, a pair of pajamas is also a good idea. I used to keep a set in my diaper bag when my son was smaller, but as his size got bigger, it's something that rarely makes the cut these days. The benefit is huge, however. If your little one is getting tired, you can do that bum change and jammie thing ahead of time to make a sleepy transition from car seat to crib that much easier. You won't likely need to keep any other clothes, as they won't see enough use. An emergency change, even at 2 in the afternoon, can be in to those pj's. Why not? You may want a bib or two, though. Whether its dinner or just a quick snack, covering up is a good idea. We keep a package of disposable ones at my mom's out of convenience.

Undoubtedly there are towels and blankets at your parents' or in-laws', so don't store bulky items like this. You can keep a receiving blanket or a couple of wash cloths for ease, but no more than strictly necessary. A play mat, books, or toys are a nice idea, so long as you keep it reasonable. Most moms would want that available, and might already have some from your childhood! If you are concerned about smoking or pets, storage of your baby's items wouldn't really help anyways. You will just have to bring them with you when you pack up your normal tote.

Some final things to consider:
  • Your baby is growing - check your Nana kit monthly to ensure there are still diapers and pajamas that fit.
  • Your mother is not a storage depot - your kit shouldn't exceed the size of a bread box, if it can be avoided. 
  • Babies are flexible - you don't have to have matching outfits and 40 toys at all times. My son loves measuring cups and wooden spoons.

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