Monday, 16 March 2015

What's In Your Diaper Bag? - Stephanie and Aniela

"Our days are full of so many different things from smiles and laughter, to whining and food throwing. Not two days are the same, but every day Aniela does something new to make me smile"

Among the main descriptions you can use for motherhood, "predictable" is not one of them. The days are filled with a mixed, random assortment of joys and stresses. Stephanie knows all about how much a baby changes any kind of order you had before:

"Before I had Aniela, I was someone who lived by routine and structure. I like organization, and if you ask my family and friends, they will tell you I have OCD when it comes to cleaning and germs. When our little Aniela came home from the hospital with us, I soon realized my life before her was now the past... After receiving good advice from my sister, life got much easier. She informed me that I would not be able to control this situation and I need to learn to go with the flow."

I'm sure many moms can relate to this. It's a whole new ball game, and it can sometimes feel a little chaotic. Stephanie certainly makes it look easy. She's got some great tips for organizing what you can, so we had to ask...

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

Name: Stephanie

Baby's Name (and age): Aniela (7 months)

Most Important Thing in Your Diaper Bag: Wipes! I was warned about the different stools a baby has, but I was definitely not prepared. The explosions were just unbelievable! I have wipes everywhere!

Basic Save: I was using Diaper Genie bags for soiled diapers and then I found out there are biodegradable bags for diapers at Dollarama. They have a light baby powder smell and are great if you are at someone else's house. If they are out of the baby ones, the doggy bags are exactly the same.

Essential Splurge: Clips for soothers. I was the person who always said I would never give my child a soother. Well, that went out the window when Aniela was in the nursery at the hospital and the nurse gave her a pacifier. She loved it and still does. We cannot go anywhere without it. We were always picking up the pacifier and finding a spot to clean it. Now, we make sure it always has a clip and I found out that every type of soother has a clip that will work. The clips have saved us!

Best Preparedness Advice: I always recommend over packing. I have heard too many stories of parents running out of diapers or wipes or not having a change of clothes. I pack a lot in our diaper bag but I have never had a problem arise. I use a stroller most of the time when we are out so I can put the bag in the bottom basket and I never really have to carry it, so, it is ok if it is a little bit heavy.

Final Words of Wisdom: Have a lot of diaper stations. I use little bins/baskets and I fill them with wipes, diapers, and cream. I have one in each room because you never know when an explosion may happen. It's nice to always have supplies handy.

Items: Wallet, bottle of water, bottle, Camilla drops, toys, teether, sunglasses for mom and baby, emergency granola bar, lip chap and gloss, hair clip, nail file, hand sanitizer spray and wipes, hand cream, outfit, sleeper, 10 diapers, diaper cream, wipes, biodegradable bags, wash cloths, nursing cover, receiving blanket, small quilt for playing on.

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