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What's In Your Diaper Bag? - Michelle, Rowan, and Bryer

Mother of two, Michelle, has a great attitude towards parenting. She doesn't stress the small stuff, and laughs where some would stress! Full of advice, but not one to preach, she's been a great source of information to new mommies like myself. With a ton to tote around for her busy duo, she actually packs two bags for the road "One is a large backpack that can hold everything for both kids and has a ton of pockets. The second is a basic tote (mine is from thirty-one) that I place just enough stuff for one of my kids. Why carry a bag bigger then you have to?" My thoughts exactly! With that, we asked Michelle...

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

Name: Michelle

Baby’s name (and age): Rowan (boy, age 2.5yrs), Bryer (girl, age 8 months)

Most Important Thing in Your Diaper Bag: I would have to say diapers and wipes for the most obvious of reasons. Besides that I would have to say snacks and drinks (at least for the ages of my children). I think this changes for every age as their developmental needs change. A little tube of diaper rash cream is important too. Never know when the red angry red bum might attack! Some people feel toys are super important but I find my kids are just as happy playing with a spoon or a water bottle. 

Basic save: I would have to say I save the pennies on the extra clothes I put in my bag. I don’t always change out those clothes and they are backup clothes, so you don’t want to use your favourite outfit and forget it’s in there and not wear it often. I either buy these clothes on clearance, get them at once upon a child, or I use those hideous outfits that you receive as gifts. (I know someone is laughing as they read this because you know what hideous outfit I’m talking about!)

Essential splurge: When I had my daughter, I had two children in diapers. When we needed wipes, we needed quite a few. The little travel wipe containers were not enough and the bringing a hard container of wipes was just two bulky. We splurge and buy the Huggies soft case wipes that come three in a package. They contain almost the same amount of wipes as a normal tub but aren't as heavy and bulky. My son is now potty trained but he still needs wipes for a variety of reasons, be it sticky hands or face, or the inevitable BM in a public washroom. Sometimes toilet paper is just not enough.

Best preparedness advice: Always have a change of clothes for your child. You never know where that poop is going to go. And always make sure its season appropriate (I have been caught with shorts in fall because I forgot to switch it up). This is particularly important now that my son is potty trained but still sometimes has those random accidents where he just doesn't quite make it in time or doesn't quite control his aim.

Final words of wisdom… 

With my son I packed everything but the kitchen sink in the diaper bag. I have since learned to only pack what you need. I am not a camel or donkey, therefore I do not need to carry everything around.

What’s in the Diaper Bag: (Things get switched between the two bags depending on what we are doing)

Diapers, Wipes, Change pad, Small travel sized bum cream, Change of clothes for toddler (pants, socks, underwear, shirt), Change of clothes for baby (pants and shirt, romper in summer), Snacks with longevity (Raisins, dried mulberries, goldfish crackers, granola bars, etc.), 2 water cups (one for each kid), Bib (in case there is an impromptu dinner outing etc.), Little bags for poopy diapers (we have a little dispenser that hangs off the side), Ring sling, Breastfeeding cover, One activity for each kid depending on outing and these change/rotate all the time (teether, crayons and paper, little diecast cars/trains).

Seasonally dependent items: 
Sun hats, Seasons passes (riverside park train, butterfly conservatory, RBG, etc), Sunscreen, Possibly extra mitts

We lug around all sorts of extra stuff for baby already! Don't do more than you have to! Do you have some space saving tips, or double duty items to keep your diaper bag light? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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