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What's In Your Diaper Bag? - Hope and Allison

On Parenthood
"...not what you ever expect it to be. It's terrifying and wonderful all at the same time"

Often in life, we make friends with people because of situations we're in, such as school or a job. Since circumstances change, you often lose touch with individuals who at one time you considered very close. This is one of those people. From sleep overs to school dances, Hope and I drifted apart in our twenties. Now (ahem) a little older, and toting diaper bags rather than back packs, we've reconnected. We can talk about life as moms with our kiddies in tow while our crazy husbands play hockey. Unlike Hope with a whole gaggle (and by that I mean three kids), I only have to worry about what my one son needs! I had to find out how this busy mom of two active boys and a growing daughter packed her main accessory now that Bonnie Bell lip balms and pencil cases are a thing of the past!

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

Name: Hope

Baby's Name (and age): Allison (nearly 1), but also Keith (6) and Ethan (3.5)

Most Important Thing:

Extra clothes, toys and snacks

Basic Save:

I pack a couple of newspaper bags for dirty diapers, make sure I have snacks and juice or water for the older kiddies and extra clothes for all.

Super smart! Much like Stephanie's savvy swap of dollar store diaper or doggie bags, newspaper bags are perfectly sized, free, and delivered right to your door!

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Essential Splurge:

We don't really splurge on anything, if we have extra money and the kids have been good then we reward them with eating out or a small toy (ie hockey cards are a favourite in this house).

Best Preparedness Advice:

Pack the night before, then you aren't running around before you leave and forgetting anything.

Final Words of Wisdom:

Always double check your diaper supply, I have gone out of the house with only one diaper for a whole day. Not fun to realize you don't have any more in the middle of a diaper change!

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