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What's In Your Diaper Bag? Celebrity Edition - Mila Kunis and Wyatt

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Having a celebrity baby is big business. One picture of the child of famous hotties Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher was the shot of a lifetime for hungry photographers, but they were very secretive, not even revealing the child's name or gender for a lengthy period after the birth. For private people, they have been quite open with how they are raising their daughter together. Hands-on dad Ashton in particular has been very vocal regarding equality for parents. He has even Tweeted about the lack of change tables in men's rooms! For gender equality purposes, maybe we should be asking him...

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

Name: Mila Kunis (That 70's Show, Ted, Black Swan)

Baby's Name (and age): Wyatt (5 Months)

Most Important Thing in Your Diaper Bag: Diapers! A classic, but when you read about this pair, it comes up again and again. Wyatt is mostly breastfed, so early on Ashton took over most of the diapering duties! No wonder he laments the lack of change tables! Mila also mentioned to Ellen that he's a "Master Swaddler," so I'm sure a few wraps and blankets figure in there too!

Basic Save: 
Clothing! Born well over 9lbs, Wyatt is growing really quickly. On Ellen "Newborn never happened," Mila said. "Newborn diapers never happened. And newborn clothes never happened. Zero to three. She's 4 months old and wears six-month clothing — six to nine. She's a big girl, ya'll." No point in buying Channel when she'll outgrow it in a couple of weeks.

Essential Splurge: Though not strictly in the diaper bag, US Magazine reported about the deluxe baby nursery the pair readied in their $10 Million Californian abode. She even started to limit guests to the home pre-baby in order to prepare.
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Best Preparedness Advice: Despite her celebrity status, Mila is not getting a nanny. She's enjoying the process, sleep deprivation and all, knowing every stage is fleeting. She explained it to Ellen like this:

"Here's the thing: when I go back to work full time and have to have 17-hour workdays, I'm gonna need somebody to come and help me, because I can't do both. But because I'm in a very specific place in my life where I could take time off, I did. And I don't think that everybody has that privilege. I think that people nowadays have to go back to work right away, and I didn't, so I took advantage of it. Like, I love the fact that the first three months she and I were up every night. And I figured her out and she figured me out and she now sleeps in her own crib in her own room, and I will never have that time again, so for me it was a really nice three months."
They seem to be a very sweet and down to earth couple, and we can't wait see this beautiful baby grow up!  Want to take part in a diaper bag profile? Click here to take our online survey!

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